Little Explorers

*Sample Schedule*

8:45-9:00       Arrival

9:00-9:15       Bathroom/Check-In

9:15-9:45       Morning Circle/Group Activity/

                         Question of the day/Morning 


9:45-10:30    Centers/Crafts/Sensory Play

10:30-11:00  *STEM room/Outside/Nature


11:00-11:15  Bathroom Break

11:15-11:30  Open Learning Time/1:1 Direct

                          Teacher time

11:30               Dismissal 


Little Explorers and 

KinderBlocks Preschool

90% of a child's brain development occurs before age 5.


*Sample Schedule*

12:00-12:30    Family Style lunch/Jobs/

                            Bathroom Break/ Question

                            of the Day

12:30-1:00       Quiet Reading/ Journaling

1:00-1:30         Circle/Group Activity/


1:30-2:15          Centers/STEM/SMART/

                             1:1 Direct Teacher Time

2:15-2:30           Closing Circle/Music

2:30-3:00           Outside Time/Dismisal   

What is Enrichment?​

The materials and lessons we offer are purposefully selected to incorporate structured experiences supporting developmental skills. Child development is broken up into 4 key domains, social-emotional development, language development, cognitive development (thinking skills), and physical development. We intentionally plan learning opportunities to encourage curiosity, aide in the development of the 4 key domains with all of our senses; sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. We are setting the foundation for a lifetime of learning !

​Little Explorers 

Little Explorers preschool is a 3/4 year old program that is focused on developing relationships through Play to Learn. The environment is focused on movement with less worksheets and more hands-on activities including science, math, early reading skills and social emotional support. We help develop classroom routines they can carry with them in the first stages of academic development at their own pace. Little Explorers provides learning activities for children's fine motor, sensory and academic skills. We are helping provide a happy place where children are appreciated for who they are today, as young serious learners, and for who they will someday become, as responsible citizens of the world.

Little Explorers : 1/2 day - AM program                *Must be enrolled in Building Blocks Childcare to attend*

                                 Monday - Wednesday                                 3 mornings per week - $140/month

                                 8:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.





KinderBlocks preschool is a 4/5 year old program for children who will be attending Kindergarten the next year. KinderBlocks is designed to support and stimulate a child's natural curiosity, interests, and abilities. We help develop relationships through learning activities that promote Play to Learn, social skills, language development, literacy, science and nature, arts and creativity along with reading readiness. Hands-on mathematics, social and cultural studies, music and creative dramatics, cooking, movement exploration, health and nutrition, technology and gross and fine motor skills are just the start to help prepare them for their next year in Kindergarten. 


KinderBlocks : 1/2 day - PM program                *Must be enrolled in Building Blocks Childcare to attend*

                             Monday - Thursday                                      4 afternoons per week - $180/month

                             12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.